June 13, 2024

Bohm’s current ADP sits around 161 overall, indicating potential draft value. In his breakout 2023 season, the Philadelphia Phillies third baseman showcased significant improvement, tallying 20 homers, 97 RBI, and 31 doubles while maintaining a solid .274 average. Notably, his expected batting average of .290 ranked among the top 7% in the league, per Baseball Savant. This surge in power production, with career-high numbers in homers, doubles, and RBI, positions Bohm as a valuable asset for both roto and points leagues, especially given his consistent performance over the past two seasons, driving in a total of 169 runs.
Bohm’s impressive debut season sets a promising precedent for 2024, and if he maintains that level of performance, fantasy managers should be satisfied, especially given his ADP of 149. With the potential to draft him in the 13th to 15th rounds, managers can secure a player who demonstrated solid production in an offense poised to score abundantly in the upcoming season.

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