June 25, 2024

Boston Red Sox pitcher Nick Pivetta, known for his consistent performance over three seasons with the team, finds himself in an unfamiliar situation as he lands on the injured list with a mild flexor strain in his pitching elbow. Despite the setback, Pivetta is relieved that the injury is not more severe.

Following an MRI that revealed only a mild strain without ligament damage, Pivetta remains optimistic about his recovery timeline, hoping to return to action in just a couple of weeks. While he’s disappointed to miss playing time, he focuses on the positive aspect of avoiding a major injury.

Pivetta had been experiencing arm discomfort for some time and noticed a slower recovery after his last start in Oakland. After consulting with team officials and undergoing an MRI, the decision was made to place him on the injured list. The Red Sox aim for his return around April 21, the earliest date he’s eligible to be activated.

Manager Alex Cora is encouraged by the prognosis, reshuffling the rotation to accommodate Pivetta’s absence and opting for a spot starter against the Angels on Saturday. Despite Pivetta’s eagerness to compete, Cora emphasizes the importance of prioritizing his recovery over rushing back to the mound.

Pivetta, also Boston’s player representative for the MLB Players Association, previously expressed concerns about pitching injuries in light of the introduction of the pitch clock. However, he refrains from further commentary on Tuesday, focusing on his recovery process instead.

Pivetta expressed uncertainty about the current situation, acknowledging the lack of a clear explanation for the recent wave of injuries. He emphasized the uniqueness of each individual’s body and the challenges of managing strain in a physically demanding sport like baseball.

As for his own return, Pivetta remains hopeful for a speedy recovery but refrains from setting a specific timetable. He plans to prioritize rest and recovery to ensure he can contribute effectively once he feels healthy again. Looking ahead, he aims to avoid similar setbacks in the future and is focused on taking the necessary time off to recuperate before returning to action.

Nick Pivetta

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