June 25, 2024

With Shane Bieber’s unfortunate season-ending injury leaving the New York Yankees in a somber state, they must now explore other options to bolster their rotation ahead of this summer’s trade deadline.

Among the potential targets, the Miami Marlins have attracted considerable attention, despite their dismal performance in the 2024 season thus far. Reports suggest that the Marlins might initiate trade talks earlier than expected, prompting a flurry of interest from various teams.

Miami’s struggles this season have been surprising, particularly after their postseason appearance last year. Internal conflicts, including ownership changes and management turnover, have likely contributed to their decline. The recent performance of highly regarded pitcher Jesus Luzardo has further fueled speculation, although other arms like Edward Cabrera and Tanner Scott have also been on the radar.

However, Luzardo’s outing on Monday night against the Yankees was far from impressive. A disastrous fourth inning, marked by multiple home runs, highlighted the Marlins’ ongoing struggles. Despite their high asking price, which deterred potential suitors during the offseason, the Marlins remain a coveted target. Nevertheless, Monday’s disappointing display may have tempered some of the enthusiasm surrounding Luzardo and the Marlins’ trade prospects.

Nicknamed the “Jesus Lizard,” left-handed pitcher Jesus Luzardo’s lackluster performance against the New York Yankees showcased his struggles rather than his strengths. Giving up eight hits, seven earned runs, and issuing five walks, Luzardo’s outing was far from impressive, especially considering the high expectations surrounding him.

In contrast, the Yankees had a standout performance from Nestor Cortes Jr., who pitched eight shutout innings, while rookie Josh Maciejewski made a successful MLB debut in the ninth inning. Anthony Volpe and Juan Soto also made significant contributions to the Yankees’ success in the game.

For those hoping to scout Luzardo as a potential trade target, his disappointing performance only added uncertainty to his value. However, Yankee fans can find solace in Luzardo’s struggles benefiting their team this time around. Additionally, another trade target, Cleveland Guardians’ pitcher Triston McKenzie, put on an impressive display by pitching 5 2/3 shutout innings against the White Sox, offering a potentially more appealing option for the Yankees.

Minnesota Twins v Miami Marlins

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