June 24, 2024

What’s next for Paul Goldschmidt with the St. Louis Cardinals? The star first baseman, who earned the National League Most Valuable Player title in 2022, experienced a slight dip in performance the following year.

Paul Goldschmidt, baseball's most under-appreciated superstar, is having  his best season | Sporting News

Despite a down season by his usual standards, Goldschmidt still managed to hit 25 home runs, tally 80 RBIs, and achieve a slash line of .268/.363/.447 over 154 games played in 2023.

St. Louis faced challenges last season, leading to numerous trade rumors involving Goldschmidt, although he ultimately remained with the team. Despite this, his future with the Cardinals remains uncertain.

Heading into the final year of his contract, Goldschmidt hasn’t yet signed an extension with St. Louis. While both parties express interest in continuing their collaboration, negotiations have been postponed to assess the season’s trajectory.

Although Goldschmidt’s early-season performance has been lackluster, marked by a .182/.289/.227 slash line, one home run, and seven RBIs, there’s optimism for improvement. However, if the Cardinals fall out of playoff contention, trade speculation may resurface, with the New York Yankees already suggested as a potential suitor, per Bleacher Report’s Tim Kelly.

Kelly suggested several ideal landing spots for Goldschmidt, including the Cleveland Guardians, Texas Rangers, Yankees, and Minnesota Twins. While the Cardinals may have sentimental reasons to retain him due to his legacy and past achievements, their current on-field situation suggests that they may have missed their competitive window. As Goldschmidt approaches 37 and with the Cardinals potentially not meeting their expectations, he might prefer to join a World Series contender this summer.

Given New York’s strong performance and likely desire to bolster their roster, it wouldn’t be surprising if speculation arises about Goldschmidt’s future if he and the Cardinals fail to reach an extension agreement soon.

Goldschmidt Off the Diamond - Texas State Athletics


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