June 25, 2024

Seattle Seahawks icon Richard Sherman has voiced his strong disapproval of the team’s new head coach, Mike Macdonald, following a controversial decision to remove several murals and references to the team’s past successes.

Richard Sherman slams Seattle Seahawks head coach Mike Macdonald over  controversial decision

During the Seahawks’ recent press conference, held since Macdonald assumed the head coaching position, observers noted the absence of many images and memorabilia that previously adorned the walls of the team’s training facility. In response to inquiries, general manager John Schneider and defensive leader Leonard Williams revealed that Macdonald intends to establish “his own legacy” with the team.

Schneider elaborated on Seattle Sports radio, stating that the decision to remove slogans and images associated with former head coach Pete Carroll’s tenure was made by Macdonald himself. He emphasized that while the team continues to honor its history in other areas of the building and around the stadium, the focus now is on shaping the future.

Upon discovering that images of his iconic play against the San Francisco 49ers had been removed, including the moment where he tipped a Colin Kaepernick pass for an interception, propelling the team to the Super Bowl, Sherman expressed his frustration with Macdonald’s decision on social media.

In response to a tweet from former teammate Kam Chancellor asserting, “You can’t erase ‘The Legion.’ The standard is already set,” Sherman engaged with a fan who suggested that the team was dwelling too much on the past.

The esteemed cornerback tweeted back, questioning the logic behind removing images of legendary players from the team’s building, implying that it undermined the franchise’s history. He cited examples of other successful franchises like the Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, New England Patriots, and Dallas Cowboys, suggesting that they wouldn’t erase images of their storied past just because of a new coach.

Sherman maintains a significant presence in the hearts of Seahawks fans, often being welcomed back to the team’s facilities. However, his tenure with the Seahawks took a controversial turn when he joined their archrivals, the San Francisco 49ers, after parting ways with Seattle.

Since retiring from professional football, Sherman has continued to express support for the Seahawks, maintaining close relationships with former head coach Pete Carroll and linebacker Bobby Wagner.

Richard Sherman was not happy with Macdonald's decision

In the wake of Carroll, Wagner, and general manager Schneider departing from the team this offseason, Sherman has hinted that the Seahawks may have erred in letting him go. During Carroll’s final six years with the team, the Seahawks only managed to secure one playoff victory, falling behind the Los Angeles Rams and the 49ers in the NFC West division standings.


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