June 25, 2024

Ross Lyon is adopting a “head up and march on” approach as he takes charge to keep his team focused and motivated following their recent loss to the Western Bulldogs. Despite the setback, the Saints are preparing to face a similarly determined Port Adelaide this Friday at Adelaide Oval, following their own defeat to Collingwood last week.

Reflecting on the defeat against the Bulldogs, Lyon identified a passive defensive approach as a tactical error made by himself and the coaching staff. However, he emphasized that the loss hasn’t dampened the team’s spirits as they continue their pursuit for their third win of the season.

Addressing the team’s mindset, Lyon highlighted their energy and vibrancy, indicating that they feel secure despite the setback. He acknowledged the disappointment felt by the team but emphasized the importance of resilience and determination in overcoming challenges. With experienced leaders like Enright and Harvey guiding the way, Lyon is confident that the team will rise to the occasion and work their way out of their current situation.

The Saints have conducted a thorough review of their earlier season performances, focusing particularly on revitalizing their bold ball movement ahead of Friday night’s match. Highlighting standout moments from games against Geelong and Collingwood, Coach Lyon expressed optimism about restoring the team’s energy and vibrancy through a solution-oriented approach.

Emphasizing the importance of sticking to fundamental principles and continuous improvement, Lyon acknowledged the team’s current win-loss record but stressed the need to focus on learning and development rather than dwelling on past results. With their sights set on the upcoming clash against Port Adelaide, Lyon highlighted the challenge of playing away and emphasized the team’s aspiration to excel in interstate matches as part of their journey to becoming a top-tier team.

Lyon also confirmed that Paddy Dow, recovering from bone bruising, will make his return via the VFL this weekend, along with Matty Allison who is returning from a knee injury. Additionally, several other players, including Mason Wood, Hunter Clark, and Ben Paton, are making progress towards returning to senior action after participating in a modified scratch match over the weekend.

Lyon explained that Dow’s bone bruising, akin to a bruised bone, required time for healing and regeneration. While Dow is feeling positive about his recovery, Lyon emphasized the importance of ensuring his readiness for a successful return to play.

Meanwhile, Mason Wood may be in contention for a return next week, potentially facing his former team. Liam Henry is targeting a comeback ahead of Sir Doug Nicholls Round after dealing with a hamstring issue. Additionally, Max King’s chances of traveling interstate this week are leaning towards being more likely than unlikely, despite a recent knee injury.

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