June 25, 2024

The enduring qualities of courage, mateship, and sacrifice were clearly evident among Australian troops on the battlefields of major conflicts, beginning with World War I.

As we annually commemorate the sacrifices of our service personnel, it’s challenging to fully comprehend the challenges they faced in places like Gallipoli, the jungles of New Guinea, or the deserts of the Middle East.

Through grainy footage and the stories of those who returned, we try to grasp the enormity of their experiences—young men and women risking everything in the name of freedom, often in unfamiliar and distant lands.

Today, as a nation, we pause to reflect and honor their bravery. We gather in cities to pay tribute to service personnel and their descendants during ANZAC Day commemorations.

In the AFL, our national sport, we also draw inspiration from their example. While there’s no comparison to the horrors of war, our game is committed to upholding the legacy of those who gave their all, ensuring that their spirit lives on.

A contingent of West Coast Eagles players and staff participated in a dawn service at the Town of Victoria Park on Thursday morning. Following the service, the entire team had the honor of listening to Lieutenant Colonel James McMahon, a former SAS commander and Deputy Chair of the Football Club.

Captain Liam Duggan, who laid a wreath during the ceremony at the Town of Victoria Park, emphasized the significance of these interactions. He expressed how poignant the experiences were and discussed the potential for the players to carry forward some of the messages they heard into Sunday’s match against Gold Coast.

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