June 19, 2024

Alec Bohm, selected by the Phillies with the third pick in the 2018 MLB draft, quickly ascended the ranks within the organization to become one of their top prospects. Since his debut in 2020, he has solidified his place in the Phillies’ lineup.

Alec Bohm Phillies

Bohm entered the professional scene with expectations of possessing a potent swing and the ability to hit to all parts of the field, traits he has demonstrated consistently as he refines his swing each season. Through the first 27 games of the current regular season, Bohm has established himself as the premier third baseman in baseball.

Statistically, Bohm leads all third basemen in several key categories, including OPS, SLG, OBP, AVG, doubles, and hits, trailing only Jose Ramirez in RBIs by just one. With solid defensive skills at third base, Bohm’s performance has been nothing short of stellar.

Currently, Bohm boasts an impressive slash line of .347/.431/.568/1.000 with 10 doubles and 22 RBIs, showcasing MVP-caliber numbers in the early months of the season. While some of his teammates have struggled, Bohm has been a reliable anchor in the Phillies’ lineup.

Notably, Bohm’s clutch-time statistics stand out, with a remarkable .533 batting average and a 1.722 OPS when there are two outs and runners in scoring position, indicating his ability to deliver in crucial moments.

Alec Bohm’s recent performance has given the impression that he has reached a new level of play, despite being a regular in the Phillies lineup for the past few seasons. While fans and the front office recognized his talent, there was a sense that he had untapped potential.

While many expected Bohm to demonstrate more power, his improvements with runners in scoring position have proven to be particularly valuable. His ability to deliver in various situations, not solely relying on home runs, showcases a more balanced approach to hitting.

If Bohm can maintain his current level of play throughout the season, the Phillies should be well-positioned for a deep playoff run. Other players like Trea Turner, Brandon Marsh, and Bryce Harper have also been performing well, with JT Realmuto and Johan Rojas contributing solid performances. Despite some players working to find their rhythm, Bohm’s strong performance stands out.

If Bohm continues at this pace, he could be in line for a career-best season with impressive numbers in RBIs, hits, and doubles. While achieving all of these marks may be ambitious, even approaching them would be a significant boost for the Phillies.

Bohm’s performance puts him in the company of some of the best players in the league, potentially earning him his first All-Star appearance and consideration for a Silver Slugger award at the end of the year. However, Bohm’s primary focus is likely on helping the Phillies secure a championship ring by the end of the 2024 season.

For now, Bohm’s stellar performance has made him a standout player, and his continued improvement bodes well for the team’s success moving forward.

Alec Bohm Phillies

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