June 23, 2024

Throughout his college journey, Bub Means had one clear goal: to reach the NFL. That aspiration has now become a reality as the New Orleans Saints picked Means in the fifth round of the 2024 NFL Draft, making him the second Panther selected after Matt Goncalves in the third round by the Indianapolis Colts.

Means’ path to Pitt was unconventional, starting with a season at Tennessee where he was considered for a defensive back role, followed by a stint at Louisiana Tech. His two years at Pittsburgh were marked by ups and downs.

Initially seen as a borderline prospect, Means took advantage of the draft process once he decided to enter it. He performed well at the Shrine Bowl in January, impressed at the NFL Combine in February, and solidified his position at Pitt’s Pro Day in March. His standout performance came at the combine.

During the event, Means showcased his speed, clocking an impressive 4.49 40-yard dash in his first attempt, followed by an even faster 4.43 in his second try, ranking among the top wide receivers present. Standing at 6-foot-1 and weighing 212 pounds, with notable arm length, hand size, and wingspan, Means displayed a well-built physique with exceptional physical attributes. Additionally, he recorded a 39.5-inch vertical jump and a 10-foot-7-inch broad jump during the drills, further highlighting his athleticism.

For Means, demonstrating his versatility beyond deep ball touchdowns has been crucial in presenting himself to NFL teams. He aimed to prove that he could make significant plays down the field, create separation, and contribute to scoring touchdowns while helping his team win games.

Expressing his competitive nature, Means emphasized his continuous drive to improve and prove himself on the football field. Despite facing challenges, including a tough game against Cincinnati, Means remained resilient and used setbacks as motivation to elevate his game.

Throughout his collegiate career at Pitt, Means experienced ups and downs, culminating in a breakout performance as the leading receiver in his final season. Following a slow start, he demonstrated remarkable improvement, particularly in the latter half of the season, showcasing his potential and earning recognition as one of the ACC’s top wide receivers.

Despite facing adversity, including changes in quarterback personnel, Means persevered and consistently contributed to his team’s offensive efforts. Confident in his abilities and encouraged by positive feedback, Means made the decision to transition to the NFL, betting on his potential and readiness for the next level.

Now, with an opportunity to compete for playing time in the NFL, Means is prepared to showcase his skills and contribute to his new team’s wide receiving corps, aiming to make an impact alongside established players like Chris Olave.

Pitt wide receiver Bub Means goes to Saints in 5th round | TribLIVE.com

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