June 24, 2024

For only the second time in the past decade, the Colts dedicated four of their initial five picks to bolstering their offensive lineup in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Ultimately, the Colts selected only four offensive players in 2024, providing direct support for Anthony Richardson.

Here’s a summary of the Colts’ four offensive picks in 2024:

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Round 2, Pick 52: Adonai Mitchell, Wide Receiver from Texas (6-2, 205)

– 2023 Stats: Played 14 games (13 starts), with 55 receptions for 845 yards and 11 touchdowns.
– Career Stats: Played 35 games (28 starts), with 93 receptions for 1,405 yards and 18 touchdowns.
– Notable Fact: Mitchell transferred from Georgia to Texas to be closer to his daughter.
– Chris Ballard’s View: Acknowledged Mitchell’s versatility and athleticism, expecting him to develop further with time.

Round 3, Pick 79: Matt Goncalves, Offensive Lineman from Pittsburgh (6-6, 317)

– 2023 Stats: Played 3 games (3 starts) at left tackle.
– Career Stats: Played 38 games (24 starts) at both tackle positions.
– Notable Fact: Goncalves’ senior season was shortened to 3 games due to a foot injury.
– Ballard’s Insight: Ballard observed Goncalves’ adaptability and was impressed with his performance at both tackle spots.

Round 4, Pick 117: Tanor Bortolini, Guard/Center from Wisconsin (6-4, 303)

– 2023 Stats: Started all 12 games at center.
– Career Stats: Played 35 games (28 starts) at various positions on the offensive line.
– Notable Fact: Nicknamed “Bort,” known for his distinctive mullet.
– Ballard’s Perspective: Ballard highlighted Bortolini’s versatility and potential to excel as a center.

Round 5, Pick 142: Anthony Gould, from Oregon State (5-8, 174)

– 2023 Stats: Played 12 games, catching 44 passes for 718 yards and 2 touchdowns.
– Career Stats: Played 43 games, with 84 receptions for 1,360 yards and 6 touchdowns.
– Notable Fact: Gould was the 6A Kansas High School State runner-up in the 100-meter dash.
– Ballard’s Assessment: Recognized Gould’s explosiveness and proficiency in punt returns, expecting him to contribute significantly in the return game and add value as a wide receiver.

Overall, the Colts strategically addressed their offensive needs in the draft, aiming to enhance their roster and provide immediate impact players like Mitchell, Goncalves, Bortolini, and Gould.

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