June 24, 2024

The failure of this young player to meet high expectations is worrisome for the Houston Astros moving forward.

The Astros, known for their consistency and precision over the past decade, have shown a stark departure from their usual performance this season.

Their recent struggles have transformed them from one of baseball’s most reliable teams into one of its weakest performers.

Following their defeat in extra innings on Wednesday, the Astros’ record stands at 10-20, leaving them in last place in the AL West, trailing the division leader by 6.5 games.

The Houston Astros have been grappling with pitching problems early in the season, but the return of Justin Verlander and Framber Valdez offers hope for improvement.

Additionally, progress from two other injured starting pitchers is a positive development for the team. However, a notable weakness persists in their rotation, particularly with Hunter Brown.

Despite being touted as the organization’s top pitching prospect in 2023, Brown has faltered in his second full MLB season. While he showed promise before the All-Star break last year, his performance dipped significantly in the second half.

Detroit native Hunter Brown starts against the Tigers on Tuesday

This year, Brown, 25, has struggled, posting an 0-4 record with a staggering 9.78 ERA across six starts. Chandler Rome of The Athletic suggests it might be time to reconsider Brown’s potential as a reliable starter for the Astros.

Rome points out concerning statistics, such as Brown’s low whiff rate and hitters’ reluctance to chase his secondary pitches. These indicators raise doubts about Brown’s ability to turn his performance around.

Despite a high FIP relative to his ERA, Brown’s alarming WHIP and other factors suggest that his struggles may persist. There’s speculation that Brown could be demoted to Triple-A, joining J.P. France, as both pitchers have faced difficulties this season.


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