June 19, 2024

Essendon defender Ben McKay has disclosed that Collingwood star Jamie Elliott apologized for taking an impressive mark over him during their Anzac clash.

Elliott’s spectacular mark, celebrated as a contender for mark of the year, was followed by a goal, helping the Magpies narrow the gap against the Bombers in a thrilling 85-85 draw at the MCG last week.

While Elliott received widespread praise for his feat, McKay found himself in the less enviable position of being the player over whom the mark was taken. Speaking on LiSTNR’s Ben and Harry Podcast, McKay admitted that he hasn’t mustered the courage to watch the video of the mark yet.

“It’s frustrating that it happened to me, but for the game, it was great,” he remarked. “I didn’t actually have a conversation with him (Elliott) afterwards… I intended to approach him and acknowledge, ‘nice mark,’ or something similar, but I was too engrossed in the game.”

“After the match, I shook his hand and commended him, and he expressed remorse, saying something like, ‘Sorry to do that to you.’

“Credit where it’s due, it was a significant moment on Anzac Day, and it will be remembered for a long time.”

Despite declining to revisit the moment, McKay confesses he can’t recall if Elliott’s mark was a result of his error or not. “I can’t remember if Elliott was my direct opponent at that moment or if it was someone else, but evidently, I’ve allowed him to get behind me,” explained the Bombers recruit.

“On one hand, from a football perspective, there’s a sense of frustration that someone has taken a mark over you, let alone an impressive one.

“So, clearly, I’ve given him too much space, and it was a well-executed kick. It’s something I need to address from a tactical standpoint.

“But on the other hand, while we occasionally witness attempts to mark like that, to actually complete the mark – it’s a testament to Jamie’s skill, without a doubt.”

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