June 21, 2024

Jeremiah Beasley stands out as a unique transfer, having made the move from a school that hadn’t even commenced fall practices.

Last year, Mizzou was among the contenders vying for Beasley’s commitment, but ultimately lost out to the eventual National Champion Michigan Wolverines in June 2023.

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Beasley, who enrolled early at Ann Arbor, arrived on campus in December. However, with Jim Harbaugh’s departure to the Chargers on January 23rd, Beasley opted to explore other options, finding renewed interest from Mizzou as soon as he entered the transfer portal.

Primarily known for his high school performances as a running back and linebacker, Beasley is currently being recruited by Mizzou as a linebacker, emphasizing his versatility.

As a linebacker, Beasley demonstrates strong instincts, constantly scanning the field and executing timely tackles. Notably, his highlights showcase his adeptness at reading screen passes and effectively neutralizing offensive threats.

He also exhibits skill in maneuvering through blocks during blitzes and displays agility when rushing from the outside. While there’s limited footage of his pass defense, Beasley appears adept at covering his zone and reacting swiftly to the ball.

Standing at approximately 6’1″ and 230 pounds, Beasley showcases remarkable speed, although more evidence of his ability to tackle through contact would have been beneficial.

Regarding playing time, Beasley faces stiff competition from established linebackers such as Chuck Hicks, Corey Flagg, and Triston Newson, as well as incoming freshmen Brian Huff and Nick Rodriguez.

However, given Beasley’s talent and agility, there’s a possibility he could be utilized as a situational player or find himself as the third or fourth option on the depth chart.

Beasley’s recruitment underscores Mizzou’s success in attracting top-tier talent from regions outside its traditional recruiting base. His addition addresses a pressing need for depth in a position group requiring reinforcements.

This further highlights the significance of the transfer portal in college football recruiting. Missing out on a prospect initially doesn’t preclude the opportunity to secure their commitment later through the portal. Once again, Eli Drinkwitz and Mizzou’s reputation as “Transfer U” emerge victorious in securing Beasley’s commitment.

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