June 25, 2024

Collingwood has managed to reverse its season’s fortunes following a winless start of 0-3 and is now returning to the form that led them to championship success in the past.

The reigning premier, Collingwood, remains confident in its ability to return to peak performance, despite the absence of several key players. Despite a challenging start to the season with three consecutive losses, the Magpies have stabilized their flag defense, currently holding a record of 4-1-3 as they prepare to take on West Coast on Sunday.

According to defender Brayden Maynard, the team is now starting to exhibit improved football, aligning more closely with their desired style of play. While they faced difficulties earlier in the season, Maynard believes that their current form demonstrates significant progress and is proving to be effective on the field.

Premiership midfielders Jordan De Goey and Tom Mitchell, along with forward Brody Mihocek, and possibly Jamie Elliott, are currently sidelined due to injuries. However, Brayden Maynard views their absence as an opportunity for younger players to showcase their talents.

Following a challenging and physically demanding game against Carlton, which resulted in a dramatic six-point victory for Collingwood in round eight, Maynard acknowledged that several players were feeling the effects of the contest. Additionally, the team is dealing with a significant number of injuries arising from the match, creating uncertainty for the upcoming fixture.

While explosive midfielder De Goey is currently sidelined due to groin soreness, Maynard remains optimistic that his absence will not be prolonged.

Maynard expressed optimism about De Goey’s recovery, stating, “I believe he’ll recover soon. It seems to be a new issue for him, so I’m hopeful to see him back in action in the coming weeks.”

Regarding Elliott’s potential absence, Maynard indicated uncertainty, suggesting, “You may need to inquire with the physiotherapists and coaches for updates. However, I believe he has a chance to recover. If not, it presents an opportunity for other players to step up and fill his position.”

Maynard emphasized the need to not underestimate the Eagles, acknowledging their recent strong performances despite finishing last season as the wooden spooners. He noted, “They’ve been playing impressive football lately. Harley Reid has been particularly notable, along with other senior players performing well.”

“They put up a strong fight against Essendon, losing by just one goal, so we can’t underestimate them,” Maynard remarked. “Every opponent deserves respect, and we need to be prepared for a tough game.”

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Collingwood hosted a press conference with Maynard and his mother, Donna. Together, they will assemble flower bouquets for the players’ mothers and other influential women, a gesture they will present at Sunday’s match.

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