June 24, 2024

The NCAA transfer portal remains a significant aspect of college football, but Clemson fans are well aware of the team’s reluctance to use it for adding talent. Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney has previously made headlines with his remarks about the portal, and today, he added another controversial statement during an interview with College Sports on SiriusXM, explaining why the Tigers don’t recruit from the portal.

“I mean, it’s really pretty simple. Most of the guys in the portal aren’t good enough to play for us. That’s just the reality of it,” Swinney said.

While everyone is entitled to their opinion on the portal, Swinney’s claim that transferring players aren’t good enough for Clemson is questionable. This assertion is particularly debatable given the talent available in the portal this offseason.

Many transfers were deemed good enough for powerhouse programs like Georgia, Ohio State, and Alabama, which are widely regarded as being in a better position than Clemson going into this season.

Swinney might have avoided much of the backlash if he had quietly stood by his decision not to use the portal. However, with each passing day, he seems to make increasingly controversial statements, and fans are beginning to take notice.


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