June 21, 2024

Yartapuulti is set to announce its lineup for the Sir Doug Nicholls round clash against Hawthorn at Adelaide Oval, and the return of captain Connor Rozee isn’t the only significant decision on the horizon.

There’s a possibility that Yartapuulti captain Connor Rozee could make his AFL comeback from a hamstring injury, with his availability for Sunday’s match against Hawthorn being carefully considered.

Yartapuulti senior coach Ken Hinkley emphasized that Rozee’s participation hinges on his fitness, stating, “If there is any uncertainty, he will not be included. If he’s deemed fit, he’ll be in the lineup.”

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The potential return of Rozee is tempered by the lessons learned from his previous appearance in the Showdown at Adelaide Oval, where he was injured. Hinkley stressed the importance of making informed decisions based on Rozee’s readiness.

Hinkley expressed confidence in Rozee’s readiness this time, citing the captain’s involvement in two full training sessions during his recovery, in contrast to his preparation for the previous derby match.

Hinkley noted the difference in Rozee’s training regimen compared to his previous injury, emphasizing that this time he has focused on controlled drills rather than extensive running and kicking sessions. He highlighted the longer recovery period since Rozee’s last injury, which has allowed for a more cautious approach to his rehabilitation.

Despite facing a lower-ranked opponent, Hinkley emphasized that there are no easy fixtures in the AFL and every game presents its challenges. He stressed the importance of minimizing the risk of reinjury when bringing a player back from a soft-tissue injury, acknowledging that there’s always a level of risk involved.

Regarding the ruck position, Hinkley discussed the dilemma of whether to play both Dante Visentini and Jordon Sweet, both of whom performed well in their last AFL appearance. He emphasized that form would be a key factor in the decision-making process.

Hinkley highlighted the significance of the team’s ball movement into the forward line over specific forward setups, particularly after addressing issues with scoring efficiency in previous matches.

On the topic of goalkicking accuracy, Hinkley acknowledged the historical fluctuations in goalkicking performance but emphasized the team’s focus on what they can control.

Looking ahead to the match against Hawthorn, Hinkley anticipated a tough contest and noted the changes in Hawthorn’s lineup, particularly in their forward structure.

He expressed excitement for Sir Doug Nicholls round, emphasizing its significance to the club and its dedication to celebrating First Nations players past and present.

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Regarding the debate over interchange rules, Hinkley expressed a preference for having five interchange players rather than the current system with a tactical substitute, highlighting the advantages of having more players available throughout the game.

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