June 21, 2024

The St. Louis Cardinals entered this past offseason with specific goals in mind. After a difficult 2023 season, they aimed to significantly improve their starting rotation and bullpen while also addressing the crowded outfield situation. The Cardinals signed several pitchers who have been beneficial this season and attempted to resolve the outfield surplus by trading outfielder Tyler O’Neill.

O’Neill started his major league career with the Cardinals, spending his first six seasons with the team. He won two Gold Glove awards and finished eighth in the National League MVP voting in 2021. However, his career has been plagued by injuries, and with an excess of outfielders on the roster, the Cardinals decided to trade him to the Boston Red Sox. O’Neill has responded well and is performing impressively this season.

Tyler O'Neill ready to give Red Sox his all

Bleacher Report’s Kerry Miller identified the O’Neill trade as the Cardinals’ biggest mistake of the offseason. “O’Neill is in his final season before free agency, and the Cardinals had a surplus of what seemed to be capable outfielders,” Miller noted. “Trading him to Boston for two pitching prospects made sense. Unfortunately, while O’Neill has hit 11 home runs for the Red Sox, the quartet of Jordan Walker, Victor Scott II, Michael Siani, and Dylan Carlson has been a disaster for St. Louis, with zero home runs in 247 at-bats.

“This has significantly contributed to the Cardinals’ offense ranking last in the National League in total runs scored and being six games below .500.”

O’Neill had some memorable moments with the Cardinals, but despite his success with Boston, his time with St. Louis was inevitably coming to an end.

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