June 24, 2024

A deep sense of pride and tradition is embedded in the fabric of the Club’s new Indigenous jumper, crafted by legend Michael Johnson in partnership with his cousin Daniel McHenry. As Walyalup gears up for their Sir Doug Nicholls Round match against Collingwood at Optus Stadium on Friday night, the significance of the jumper is profound.

Johnson, a celebrated Walyalup figure with 244 games to his name (equal fourth all-time), has dedicated his heart to this project, marking it as a milestone for both his family and the Club.

“To be an Aboriginal man growing up and designing the Indigenous jumper, especially for the Club’s 30th year, is a special moment for myself, Daniel, and our family,” Johnson shared.

Johnson and McHenry aimed to honor the past while revitalizing the Club’s heritage by reintroducing the original colors—green, red, purple, and white. This tribute to history holds special significance for Johnson, a lifelong supporter of the Club who cherished wearing these colors during his playing days.

“The Club was happy for me to target that year (30th year), and I was stoked to be part of this process and journey,” Johnson said.

“Part of the process of designing this jumper is reaching out and talking to the Elders. Bringing my mum into it and letting her know this is what we are going with… I think the process of coming together was the best part about it.”

As Walyalup prepares to unveil the jumper in front of its home fans on Friday, Johnson’s pride is palpable.

“It’s a surreal feeling… To actually feel the jumper, look at the jumper, see the colors and how it’s come together, hopefully we make our families proud with what we’ve created,” he said.

Walyalup will proudly wear Johnson and McHenry’s designed jumper on Friday night at Optus Stadium against Collingwood, marking a significant and emotional moment for Johnson, his family, and the Club.

“When I’m standing in the guard of honor, it will be a moment I will cherish forever,” Johnson said gleamingly.

“I’ll be sitting back really proud to see the jumper running around over those three weeks. I just can’t wait to show it off to the supporters now.”

This project, deeply embedded with pride and tradition, epitomizes the spirit of the Walyalup Football Club’s 30-year legacy.

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