June 13, 2024

At the forefront of the Philadelphia Phillies’ impressive 50-game start is a significant development: the emergence of Alec Bohm as their cleanup hitter.

Since April 23 in Cincinnati, Bohm has consistently occupied the cleanup spot in the lineup, showcasing his importance in protecting Bryce Harper. Manager Rob Thomson’s decision to place Bohm in this role stems from various factors, including his ability to make consistent contact compared to other right-handed hitters like J.T. Realmuto and Nick Castellanos.

Bohm’s proficiency with runners on base, particularly in scoring position, has been a highlight of his performance since his MLB debut in 2020. Last season, he demonstrated strong numbers with runners on base, hitting .309/.355/.479, and even better when runners were in scoring position, with a slash line of .344/.390/.470.

Entering Wednesday's game, Alec Bohm was second in the majors in RBIs with 44.

In contrast, his statistics with the bases empty were lower at .242/.302/.399. This trend has continued into the current season, where Bohm boasts impressive numbers with runners on base, hitting .402/.461/.678, and excels further with men in scoring position, posting a slash line of .412/.476/.706. Comparatively, his performance with bases empty is at .269/.320/.398.

It’s hardly surprising that Bohm ranked second in the majors with 44 RBIs, projecting to an impressive pace of 145 RBIs, as of Wednesday night’s game.

Bohm himself noted that he doesn’t experience significant changes in pitching strategy when batting behind Harper. However, he acknowledges that he may adopt a simpler approach or adjust his focus slightly in those situations.

For Bohm, hitting with runners on base presents a clear objective and keeps him more locked into his approach, minimizing the temptation to chase big hits. Instead, he concentrates on executing his game plan and staying disciplined at the plate.

His effectiveness with runners in scoring position speaks volumes. Among hitters with at least 50 plate appearances in such situations, Bohm’s 1.182 OPS ranked fifth in the majors, trailing only Harper, Salvador Perez, Marcell Ozuna, and William Contreras.

While some regression may be expected, Bohm’s consistency and ability to capitalize on scoring opportunities suggest that he will continue to thrive in driving in runs.

Among hitters with at least 50 plate appearances with runners in scoring position, Alec Bohm’s 1.182 OPS entering Wednesday night ranked fifth in the majors.

Manager Rob Thomson attributes Bohm’s success to his disciplined approach, understanding of the strike zone, and ability to utilize the entire field. With his flat stroke and propensity to make contact, Bohm consistently puts himself in positions to succeed when runners are on base.


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