June 25, 2024

Boston Red Sox pitcher Tanner Houck has made history with his impressive ERA performance this season. Houck is the first Red Sox pitcher to maintain a sub-2 ERA through his first 12 starts since Clay Buchholz achieved this feat in 2013. That season was particularly remarkable for Buchholz.

**Red Sox Pitcher Makes History**

Tanner Houck has added another impressive achievement to his resume. He is the first Red Sox pitcher to allow no more than one home run through his first 12 starts since Derek Lowe in 2002. The Red Sox have been making waves this season, with Rafael Devers hitting a home run in six consecutive games. Currently third in the AL East, the Red Sox are closely trailed by the Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays. Despite the tight competition, Boston’s pitching has been solid, contributing to the intense battle within the AL East division.

During the season, Tanner Houck posted a 1.85 ERA and a 5-5 record. He also accumulated 75 strikeouts and a 0.96 WHIP. With his recent success, there has been talk of Houck being a contender for the Cy Young Award. In his latest outing against the Detroit Tigers, Houck played a crucial role in the Red Sox’s 7-3 victory. He recorded eight strikeouts, allowed two walks, three hits, and one earned run, lowering his ERA to 1.85, which ranks second in the AL.

Houck is the only pitcher since Greg Maddux in 1997 to achieve these stats in their first 12 starts of the season: an ERA below 2.00, no more than one home run allowed, and a strikeout-to-walk ratio of at least 5-to-1. Houck’s 1.85 ERA, one home run allowed, 75 strikeouts, and 15 walks highlight his dominance on the mound this season. He has consistently limited damage and gone deep into games, pitching like an ace and proving to be a clutch performer for the Red Sox. His impressive performance has further solidified his status as a formidable starter.

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