June 23, 2024

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen has made history as the first QB in NFL history to achieve four consecutive seasons with 40 or more total touchdowns. In 2023, he recorded 44 total touchdowns, with 29 coming from passes and 15 from runs.

Gary Davenport of Bleacher Report recently released his 2024 quarterback stat predictions. Although he doesn’t foresee another 40-touchdown season for Allen, his projections remain impressive. Davenport’s predictions for Allen are:

– 4,317 passing yards
– 31 touchdowns
– 13 interceptions
– 64.7% completion rate
– 521 rushing yards
– 8 rushing touchdowns

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The biggest takeaways from these projections are that Allen is expected to have five fewer interceptions. While his interceptions were exaggerated last season (details available in my analysis of all 18 of his interceptions below), a reduction in this number would be beneficial.

Allen’s projected 31 passing touchdowns would be two more than he had last season. However, I disagree with the projection of only eight rushing touchdowns. The Bills are likely to use Allen in the run game more extensively. Under Joe Brady last season, the Bills leaned into utilizing Allen as a runner. When Buffalo is close to the end zone, especially, expect more than eight rushing scores from No. 17.

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