June 24, 2024

Carlton forward Charlie Curnow believes the forward line is coming together better than ever, thanks to some key additions to the attack. In Round 12, the Blues’ eight-goal final term allowed them to decisively defeat the Power, a challenge they’ve faced in recent weeks.

One exciting addition for Curnow is Zac Williams, who has transitioned from half-back to half-forward in the past two games. “He’s killing it, [seven] goals in two weeks,” Curnow exclaimed.

“I think we’ve got a lot more energy. It’s been nice having him kick from half-back to me, but it’s also enjoyable watching him score.

“With Lachie Fogarty back in the team, he executes his role very well, and the boys really enjoy playing with him.”

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A major factor in the last-quarter surge in South Australia was the performance of captain Patrick Cripps, who scored two back-to-back goals early in the fourth term.

Curnow praised his teammate and friend, noting the boost it gave the entire team to compete harder.

“It was impressive – the skipper coming out in that last quarter was definitely in a mood,” he said.

“He kept putting the foot on the throat, and those two goals he scored gave the rest of the team more confidence to keep pushing.

“In the past year, we haven’t finished games the way we wanted to and were always fighting at the end. Putting a team away in the last quarter felt good.”

The Blues also broke another drought by defeating a South Australian team at Adelaide Oval for the first time in their history.

The Curnow family was divided on whether to attend the game due to lingering bad luck in the City of Churches.

“Mum called it quits, saying she wasn’t going through this again in Adelaide,” he joked.

“Dad was lucky; he got in the car with Wayne Walsh. There must have been a lot of talk during that trip there and back . . . they put in a big effort.”

Now, with a significant clash against arch-rival Essendon ahead, Curnow expressed that his team was eager to return to the MCG and correct some mistakes from last year’s encounter.

“I think we’re excited to get back to the ‘G—we haven’t played there for a bit—and give it a red hot crack.

“[Ben McKay] can’t come to me; surely he has to play on his brother. That’s what everyone wants to see. If I were playing Ed, I’d love for him to come play on me!”

Discussing McKay, Curnow has been impressed with his teammate’s strategic approach this season, admitting he’s adopted some of McKay’s preparation techniques to enhance his own game.

“I reckon [McKay has] definitely added a few things to his routine, and I’ve taken a few things from him also. It’s good we can chat about it,” he said.

“I think he’s up and running, getting up the ground, and moving around the midfield as well.

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“Personally, when I get up the field and touch the ball a few times, it adds a lot more confidence to my game, which I can carry down into the forward line.”

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