June 24, 2024

After the Minnesota Vikings extended wide receiver Justin Jefferson, the franchise’s future became clear. Jefferson is poised to lead the team into a new era with hopes of winning their first Super Bowl.

The extension also brought clarity to the Vikings’ salary cap situation, allowing the team to focus on other players eligible for contract extensions. One such player is cornerback Byron Murphy Jr. He spoke to SKOR North’s Darren Wolfson about his future, giving a candid response.

“I don’t think I’m going anywhere. That’s my mindset. I want to stay here. I love this place. Since day one, I’ve fallen in love with it and don’t want to leave. I want to spend my entire career here. I love the guys in the locker room and everything about this place is great. I’m going to work my ass off to stay here for sure.”

Such statements from players often serve as good PR, but when most of the roster speaks this positively about the organization, it reflects well on the Vikings, who received a nearly flawless NFLPA report card.

Wolfson also pressed Murphy about staying in Minnesota, specifically mentioning having his agent push salary cap guru Rob Brzezinski for an extension.

Byron Murphy Jr.

“Right now, I’m just locked in. I’m going to let God take care of those things while I keep playing ball. But obviously, I want to stay here and keep making noise to get their attention for sure.”

Currently, Murphy is playing on the final year of a two-year contract with a $10.91 million cap hit in 2024. The Vikings could reduce this cap hit significantly by extending him beyond the 2024 season.

Don’t be surprised if the Vikings move to extend Murphy or another player before the start of the 2024 season.

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