July 25, 2024

Robbie's singing the Blues.

English pop star Robbie Williams has once again lent his voice to the Carlton bandwagon, singing the praises of Harry McKay after he came out on top in the battle of the twins. Despite both brothers being in the AFL for nine years, Sunday’s clash between Essendon and Carlton was the first time they had played against each other, finally putting to rest the jokes that they’re the same person.


Harry got the better of his brother, with Ben giving away a free kick for holding, allowing Harry to kick the Blues’ second goal on their way to a 96-70 victory.

Williams was quick to twist the knife into Bombers supporters with a new tune about the brothers, singing, “Our McKay is better than your McKay. And we all know why we got the better McKay,” before breaking into a riff.

This isn’t the first time Williams has sung for the Blues, having created the viral hit “De Koning’s in the Air” after their two-point semi-final win over Melbourne last season. The lyrics celebrated Carlton player Tom De Koning: “De Koning’s in the air, everywhere I look around. De Koning’s everywhere, leaving bodies on the ground. And he’s better than his brother and better than his dad. There’s only one Thomas De Koning and he’s the best one we’ll ever have.”

Williams has shown an affinity for Australian sports personalities in recent years, reimagining his 1997 hit “Angels” to praise Ange Postecoglou: “You can keep your Pochettino, Conte and Mourinho, and even Christian Gross. Cause everywhere we go, I’m loving Big Ange instead.”

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