June 21, 2024

The Dallas Cowboys have opted to retain Mike McCarthy as their head coach for the 2024 season; however, reports suggest that this decision does not include an extension to his current contract. According to sources, McCarthy is anticipated to lead the team through the 2024 season on his existing contract, which will conclude at the end of that season.

Although Mike McCarthy, 60, has achieved a 67-42 record and secured two NFC East titles in his four seasons coaching the Cowboys, his playoff performance has been less successful. With a postseason record of 1-3, McCarthy has been unable to progress beyond the divisional round despite the team’s regular-season accomplishments.

The Cowboys experienced a humbling defeat in Sunday’s playoff game against the Green Bay Packers. Despite having an 8-0 record at AT&T Stadium during the regular season, the Cowboys, as the lowest seed in the NFC playoffs, were routed by the Packers with a score of 48-32 in the wild-card game.

Despite the playoff defeat, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones decided to retain Mike McCarthy after a three-hour meeting on Wednesday. Jones released a brief statement citing McCarthy’s demonstrated postseason success at a high level, referring to McCarthy’s Super Bowl win with the Green Bay Packers in 2008. McCarthy, in turn, encouraged Cowboys fans to “buy into us.”

Facing a 28-season Super Bowl drought, the Cowboys’ decision to retain Mike McCarthy, who just completed the fourth season of a five-year contract paying him an estimated $4 million to $7 million per season, has drawn criticism.

“I am very confident in our direction, and I like where we are in moving forward,” McCarthy stated in response to the decision to retain him despite the team’s Super Bowl drought.

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