June 25, 2024

Reports indicate that the Chargers have interviewed Aaron Glenn, the defensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions. This interview took place amid the Lions’ schedule to play in an NFC divisional round playoff game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Despite the Lions’ ongoing playoff run, Glenn has become a candidate for the head coaching vacancy with the Los Angeles Chargers.

Aaron Glenn has officially concluded an interview with the Los Angeles Chargers, even as the Detroit Lions continue their historic playoff run. Despite the Lions’ playoff focus, Glenn remains a highly sought-after coaching candidate, as reported by team writer Eric Smith.

The Los Angeles Chargers have officially confirmed that they conducted an interview with Aaron Glenn for their head coach position. Currently serving as the defensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions, Glenn brings 10 seasons of NFL coaching experience to the table. His NFL career began as a player from 2002 to 2008, followed by a transition to coaching, starting as a scout for the New York Jets and later becoming an assistant defensive backs coach for the Cleveland Browns in 2014. Glenn has also worked with the New Orleans Saints before assuming the role of defensive coordinator for the Lions in 2021. Regarded as a promising head coach with significant potential, the Chargers’ interest in interviewing Glenn aligns with the ongoing search for coaching talent across the league. While the New England Patriots and Las Vegas Raiders have already filled their head coaching positions, decisions from more teams are expected in the coming weeks.

Jim Harbaugh and Aaron Glenn next to the Chargers logo

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