June 13, 2024

The Michigan Wolverines clinched the national championship this season, but they are currently grappling with the consequences of Jim Harbaugh’s departure for the NFL. Following his move to the Los Angeles Chargers, reports indicate that defensive coordinator Jesse Minter will be joining Harbaugh. Additionally, it has been reported that another coach, strength and conditioning coach Ben Herbert, is set to follow in Harbaugh’s footsteps.

Ben Herbert has been a part of the program since 2018, and in 2023, Jim Harbaugh elevated his role by appointing him as the program’s associate head coach. Despite the hope of retaining Herbert expressed by the new head coach, Sherrone Moore, it appears that Herbert will not be staying. His departure is a significant blow to the Wolverines, as Harbaugh himself credited him as the “X-factor of our entire program.” Herbert’s influence on training has been a pivotal factor in the Wolverines’ dominance in the trenches over the past couple of seasons.

The Michigan Wolverines pose as a wildcard for the 2024 season. Despite losing numerous players to the NFL Draft, the anticipated mass departure from the program following coaching changes has not materialized. Another unpredictable element is the NCAA’s decision regarding the sign-stealing scandal. The outcome remains uncertain, and there is speculation on whether the punishment might be more lenient now that Jim Harbaugh is no longer present to bear the brunt of it.

Despite these uncertainties, Michigan still retains a considerable amount of talent. Head coach Sherrone Moore has demonstrated his coaching prowess in significant games. While they may not be considered favorites for the national championship, the Wolverines have the potential to make a significant impact and create some noteworthy moments in the upcoming season.

The Michigan Wolverines will be an intriguing team to observe in 2024. The impact of the coaching staff turnover on the team’s performance in 2024 and beyond remains uncertain and will only be revealed over time.

Michigan Wolverines lose Ben Herbert after he follows Jim Harbaugh to the NFL

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