June 24, 2024

With the Super Bowl matchup confirmed after the Conference Championship weekend, featuring a rematch of Super Bowl LIV between the 49ers and Chiefs set to take place in Las Vegas, it’s already time to glance at the odds for next year. Falcons fans are in for a surprise when they see the projections.

Despite the absence of a confirmed quarterback, the Falcons find themselves sharing similar odds with teams led by Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford of the Los Angeles Rams, Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the well-equipped Cleveland Browns. It’s almost surreal.

The optimism from Vegas appears to be directed at the new head coach in Atlanta, Raheem Morris, and the promising offseason prospects for the team. Holding the 8th overall pick, substantial draft assets, and significant cap space, the Falcons have the potential to make a substantial impact in free agency and further strengthen their roster.

Terry Fontenot is poised to assemble another roster capable of reaching the playoffs. However, the quarterback position stands out as the most significant challenge of the offseason, holding the potential to either propel the team into the postseason or result in another disappointing season.

Free agency options are somewhat limited, with Kirk Cousins and Baker Mayfield being the standout choices, although it’s debatable whether either would have led the Falcons to the playoffs last year. The possibility of a trade involving Justin Fields remains open, and the draft presents several intriguing prospects.

The confidence from Vegas oddsmakers in Raheem Morris, Zac Robinson, and the upcoming offseason suggests reasons for optimism among Falcons fans. There’s a palpable sense that positive changes may be on the horizon for the team.


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