June 25, 2024

Andy Roddick, the 2003 US Open champion, has voiced his apprehension regarding Novak Djokovic. The American highlighted that Djokovic’s era of dominance, evident in his triumphant performance in three Grand Slam tournaments last year, may be entering a transitional phase. Roddick elaborated that a rising generation of tennis players is becoming more competitive, gaining confidence in their potential to challenge and defeat Djokovic.

In his widely followed web podcast, the former North American player revisited the Australian Open, particularly focusing on Novak Djokovic’s semifinal loss. Djokovic was defeated in four sets by Jannik Sinner.

The former world number 1 considers that the recent match might signify a significant turning point, expressing some concern for Novak Djokovic. Notably, Djokovic faced three defeats in the last four matches against Jannik Sinner and lost to Carlos Alcaraz in the Wimbledon final.

Reflecting on Djokovic’s performance in the latter stages of the Australian Open, the former player acknowledged a slight dip in energy but expressed confidence in Djokovic’s unparalleled abilities. However, he expressed worry about Djokovic’s situation as time passes, emphasizing the emerging players who have demonstrated the capability to challenge him.

Roddick highlighted the concern, stating, “Once they become accustomed to facing him and realize they can beat him, it will become increasingly challenging for him. This new generation of players will not revert to the mindset that deems him unbeatable.”


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