June 25, 2024

Boomer Esiason, a former NFL quarterback, revealed startling information on Bill Belichick’s search for a new position during the summer.

Belichick was eventually passed over in this year’s head coach hiring cycle, despite being widely speculated to be the Atlanta Falcons’ top head coach candidate following his split from the New England Patriots. However, insiders close to Boomer Esiason claim that Belichick once rejected down an offer from the Falcons.

Esiason stated on Boomer and Gio on Monday, “I was told yesterday, and I do believe it from the source that I got it from, that supposedly [Falcons owner] Arthur Blank was bought in to Bill Belichick and could have offered him the job.” “I’m not sure why men decline offers, but an NFL executive essentially told me that they think Bill was extended an offer by Arthur Blank.”

“Well, that offer might have had some conditions attached to it, but you never know. It’s never like, ‘Hey Bill, here’s a five-year contract, you do whatever you want.'” It wasn’t one of those, I believe.

After Arthur Smith was sacked at the end of the 2023 season, the Falcons hired Raheem Morris, a former defensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams.

Even with Belichick’s legendary record of accomplishment, there were rumors that the 71-year-old wasn’t thought to be a long-term option for rebuilding teams.

Esiason went into further detail as to why Belichick, who was leaving Foxborough after 24 years there, would have turned down the Falcons offer, suggesting that the former Patriots coach might have just “thought better of it.”

“Perhaps he uttered, ‘You know what? I’d prefer not to jump back in. A year away, please. “I’d like to observe the outcome,” Esiason went on. Because as far as we know, there will be five or six positions available in the upcoming year, and there might be a better circumstance in which an owner says, ‘You know what? I want to follow you down this route, and I want you to take over and manage my building in the same manner that you managed the New England Patriots.”

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