June 12, 2024

As they come out of the All-Star Break, the Edmonton Oilers are in a strong situation. They had a difficult start to their 2023–24 season, but they used a sustained winning streak to battle their way back to a postseason berth and are currently in the top half of the Pacific Division. The Oilers haven’t made any moves as the trade deadline approaches, but some teams have been a little more active. In a blockbuster trade, the Vancouver Canucks acquired Elias Lindholm, while the Winnipeg Jets added Sean Monahan to strengthen their forward corps.

The Oilers have been smart to wait for the proper deal to present itself rather than overpaying for someone who might end up being a rental, even if they would like to add as many players as they can to their roster.

When they signed defenseman Mattias Ekholm, the Oilers made it apparent that they would rather trade for players who still had some time left on their contract. In exchange for Ekholm, who still had several seasons left on his deal and is a vital member of the Oilers’ blue line, they received Tyson Barrie, Reid Schaefer, and two draft picks. The Oilers could look to the Columbus Blue Jackets and seek their captain, Boone Jenner, if they want to follow suit and add a player who can help the team after this season’s postseason success.

According to a recent source, the Blue Jackets are “highly unlikely” to transfer Jenner despite interest from other teams in forward Patrik Laine and defenseman Ivan Provorov. However, they will consider offers for both players. Even though it makes a deal appear difficult to complete, it doesn’t mean the Blue Jackets won’t be open to moving him. The Oilers ought to be prepared to pay more to acquire Jenner if they have a chance to sign him and can make the money work. He is an experienced leader with a wealth of knowledge on both sides of the rink. He has the ability to make a difference that would elevate the Oilers from contender to favorite.

Prior to the All-Star break, the Oilers made a wise choice in acquiring Corey Perry, who will infuse the bottom six with more aggression and scoring. Jenner’s addition to that group increases scoring even further and stabilizes defense. Jenner is probably a linemate of Dylan Holloway, which means that Holloway will have someone to learn from while he attempts to improve and become an Oilers top-six forward in the future.

As previously stated, a lot would need to be traded for Jenner. He still has some years left on his deal, is a valuable asset to the Blue Jackets, and has shown that he could be a valuable member of almost any NHL team. The Oilers would need to give up at least a 2024 first-round pick, one of Xavier Bourgault, Beau Akey, or Raphael Lavoie, an NHL-caliber forward, plus more assets in order to acquire him. In theory, if the two sides reach an agreement, Jenner would join the Oilers in exchange for Lavoie, Broberg, Evander Kane, a first-round pick in 2024, and a third-round pick in 2025.

I understand that adding Jenner would come with a hefty price tag, which would deter some supporters from considering the possibility. He can give the depth chart some strength, but he is more than just a rental. He plays at a high level at both ends of the rink and is a reliable leader both on and off the ice. It’s difficult to digest giving up five assets for one player, but the Oilers will benefit more in the long run. As the Oilers attempt to win their first Stanley Cup since 1990, hopefully they can work out a deal with the Blue Jackets so that Jenner can play.

Oilers Should Overpay in Trade for Blue Jackets’ Boone Jenner

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