June 23, 2024

Regarding Morris, everyone who has worked with him or been mentored by him said the same thing: darn time. Everyone had the same praise for him, whether it was for his leadership, football acumen, or ability to relate to players.

Here are some statements from The Athletic’s Josh Kendall.

“The first thing I would say about him is that, in terms of scheme, there are a lot of extremely good coaches and a lot of decent coaches that serve as people’s intermediaries, connecting coaches and players. Dan Quinn remarked, “He can do both.”

Quinn and Morris were in Atlanta together for a number of seasons. Morris worked for the Falcons as an interim head coach, defensive coordinator, coach of wide receivers, and coach of defensive backs.

“I recall that men in the locker room, myself included, would always gravitate toward him, regardless of whether they were attempting to make the team or were on defense or offense. Cadillac Williams remarked, “He was one of those guys with that charisma about him.” You get the impression that he’s a man who can guide men in the correct direction. My time spent with him was fantastic.

Williams, the fifth choice in the 2005 draft, was not even directly coached by Morris, who was the assistant defensive backs coach at the time. That demonstrates the profound influence he had on his former players.

Successful NFL coaches always seem to have one thing in common: they are able to extract every bit of talent from their rosters. The Falcons’ new head coach is no exception.

In a podcast, Morris was referred to as “one of the best leaders and culture builders I’ve ever been around” by Rams president Kevin Demoff. Demoff remarked, “This is the guy who improves your building.” “He can coach, and he’s the glue that holds your building together.”

But it’s not simply his business associates. Morris has been dubbed the “definition of a leader of men” by one of the most reputable figures in the media.

According to Peter King, “Raheem Morris is among the top five players I have ever covered who players A) love to play for and B) respond to.”

Jalen Ramsey, a first-ballot Hall of Famer, is among his most vocal supporters.

“Rah truly is fire,” remarked Ramsey. We are fortunate that he is not the head coach in that defensive unit. I’m not even lying to you—Rah is the actual (crap) deal. I have a strong interest in that (crap).

Morris left a lasting impression on Kyle Shanahan during his tenure in Atlanta.

“It was amazing that he could come in and coach our wide outs while playing defense. Although he was in the wide receivers’ room, it was impossible to discern that he was a defensive coach, he admitted. “It appeared to be flawless. He was able to dissect facts from a defense stance for us. He was able to improve our offense against the defensive backs.

I have never, ever seen an NFL head coach hired receive such widespread acclaim as this one. Raheem Morris appears to be a terrific addition to the Falcons.

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