July 25, 2024

According to Matt Zenitz at 247Sports, Michigan football has appointed Sean Magee, the chief of staff of the Chicago Bears, as their senior associate athletic director. Before joining the Bears, Magee spent five seasons with the Wolverines. In the past, he was the program’s assistant athletic director and Jim Harbaugh its head coach.

Magee played a key role in transforming the Michigan football program and pushing them closer to the level of a national championship. Despite their impressive record, the Wolverines had difficulty in the first ten years of the current decade after beating Ohio State and the Big Ten. Magee had a key role in molding Michigan football’s team and coaching staff into the unbeaten machine they became in 2023. Even though he wasn’t in Ann Arbor in 2023, he departed from the program with a greater reputation.

For the Wolverines, who lost coordinator and analyst Jim Harbaugh and a plethora of staff members in the new year, this is great news.

A large portion of the essential personnel who accompanied Michigan football to its 2023 national championship have joined coach Jim Harbaugh at the Los Angeles Chargers. The Wolverines are the defending champions, so Magee is under pressure going into this game, but they also have a fantastic squad that is designed to win right now.

Sean Magee returns to Michigan Football as General Manager -  Maize&BlueReview


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