June 19, 2024

They have faith in Aaron Rodgers. With their potential Hall of Fame quarterback, the New York Jets are trying to get it back. They are hoping that the 40-year-old can overcome a serious surgical procedure and regain the form that won him four NFL MVP Awards. How much faith should the Jets have going into the 2024 offseason regarding their quarterback situation? Are they inviting disappointment into their lives? The Quarterback Confidence Index from Sports Illustrated suggests that Jets supporters should postpone their plans to travel to New Orleans, at least for the time being.

On a scale of 1 to 10, SI writer Matthew Verderame gave the Jets a grade of 6.5. “To determine our number between 1 and 10, we take into account talent, age, contract, cap hit, and injury history for our quarterback confidence index. There is more confidence when the number is higher, according to Verderame.

With a 6.5 rating that is greater than seven other AFC teams, the Jets are tied with the Miami Dolphins, their nemesis in the AFC East. Gang Green was outperformed by seven teams. The Buffalo Bills and Baltimore Ravens received ratings of 9.0, while the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs both received 10s to round out the Top 4. The good news is that Rodgers appeared sharp throughout team sessions after being activated off injured reserve in December. Earlier this month, during a visit on the Joe Rogan Experience, the prolific passer gave a health report.

In addition to possessing superior throwing talent compared to all NFL players, Aaron Rodgers has demonstrated his capacity to successfully guide an offense. More specifically, he has flourished under coordinator Nathaniel Hackett’s offensive approach.
“What’s wrong is Aaron. “I’m serious,” stated starting receiver Garrett Wilson on ESPN New York’s Bart and Hahn show during a postseason radio interview. “He will do certain actions in order to alter the play and respond to a call. It truly reveals an offensive angle that functions effectively when used.” The Packers averaged 13 victories annually with the Rodgers-Hackett tandem during the course of three seasons (2019–21), during which the quarterback tallied 111 touchdowns and only 13 interceptions.

Is Rodgers able to produce at that high level again at this point in his career? Will Rodgers’ impact be sufficient for the Jets, who finished the previous season with the 31st-highest total offense (268.6)? Honestly, this could go any way.
The Jets are in a really interesting position right now. Coming off an Achilles tear, Aaron Rodgers will be 41 years old the following season. He might get back to the form that made him the MVP in 2019 and 2020. Alternatively, he might appear as a wheel-chair quarterback behind a subpar offensive line at 41 years old. We’ll see.

Aaron Rodgers Suffers Ankle Injury in New York Jets Debut

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