June 25, 2024

It’s be that you didn’t anticipate the rebuilding Ottawa Senators to be prepared to lock up a postseason berth just yet. However, some progress was anticipated in the 2023–2024 season. To put it mildly, eighth in their division and twenty-eighth overall in the league are hardly great accomplishments. They are rumored to be selling a few important veteran players who are still capable of playing hockey at a very good level. Vladimir Tarasenko is one name that some have considered as a Trade Deadline alternative for the Edmonton Oilers.

In his thirteenth NHL season, the 32-year-old right winger has scored 35 goals through 48 games. He is now listed with Shane Pinto and Ridly Greig on Ottawa’s third line.

This season, I haven’t watched many Senators games, so I’m not sure if Tarasenko was demoted for playing below average or if his main purpose is to assist with secondary scoring. On an individual basis, the line does appear statistically good, whatever it is. After serving a 41-game suspension that ended last month, Pinto, 23, has only appeared in 9 games and scored 8 points. With 20 points in 40 games, the 21-year-old Greig is enjoying a quiet rookie/sophomore campaign.

Jake Guentzel, a top player for the Penguins, is expected to miss up to four weeks due to an injury. Rumor had it that Edmonton had Guentzel at the top of their trade target list. However, the Oilers may have to go elsewhere over the next three weeks unless they would mind having to wait another week for him to be ready. It’s been reported that Guentzel’s asking price is similar to what Claude Giroux asked for a few seasons prior. That would be a prospect, a third-round selection, and a first-round selection. I do wonder, though, if his injury now makes the asking price less.

Referring back to the numbers I previously mentioned, Tarasenko would still make a good addition to Edmonton’s second or third line even though he isn’t as flashy as Guentzel. Although he isn’t as good as he once was (70+ points), I believe he might still be useful to a team that has had trouble scoring in the secondary lately. He would be less expensive to acquire and, similar to Guentzel, he would have a Stanley Cup winning background. He just has a cap hit, that’s all. Although his contract is only good until the end of this season, how can the Oilers currently squeeze $5 million under the salary cap? More than one participant would need to turn around.

Or, given Jack Campbell’s cap hit is precisely the same as Tarasenko’s, Campbell is the sole roster member included in the deal. However, Ottawa has two goalies already. Could a three-way transaction be successfully completed by either party?

Does Tarasenko Make Sense For The Oilers?

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