June 19, 2024

Brandon Nimmo, Starling Marte, and Mark Canha played crucial roles in the Mets’ impressive 2022 season, forming a formidable outfield unit. However, the following year saw a decline in performance from Marte and Canha, leading to a disappointing season. Marte’s limited appearances and Canha’s departure to Milwaukee added to the challenges. Now, as the 2024 season approaches, there’s an opportunity for a fresh start.

Although Canha is no longer with the team, the Mets have acquired Harrison Bader and Tyrone Taylor, both expected to contribute significantly. Marte is back in good health, and Nimmo is coming off another strong season. With these changes, there’s hope that the Mets can rediscover their 2022 form and field one of the league’s top outfields in 2024. This topic was discussed by Just Baseball’s Ryan Finkelstein on the February 20th episode of Locked On Mets.

Looking back at the 2022 season, the Mets stood out as one of the top teams in baseball in terms of outfield performance. Only the New York Yankees surpassed them in fWAR (Wins Above Replacement) from their outfielders, boasting a remarkable 16.3 fWAR compared to the Mets’ impressive 12.6 fWAR. However, it’s worth noting that the Yankees had the advantage of having the league’s premier player in their outfield, MVP Aaron Judge.

Out of the Yankees’ total fWAR, a significant 10.4 wins above replacement came from Judge alone, who had a historic and record-breaking season by smashing 62 home runs. Additionally, Judge contributed an extra 1.2 fWAR when playing as a designated hitter.

In 2022, the Mets boasted one of the most consistent and productive outfields in baseball, with Brandon Nimmo, Starling Marte, and Mark Canha delivering stellar performances throughout the season. This trio of outfielders provided a reliable presence day in and day out, contributing significantly to the team’s success.

Despite occasional injuries that sidelined Marte temporarily, the Mets had suitable replacements like Jeff McNeil to step in when needed. Alongside Tyler Naquin and Travis Jankowski, who also saw playing time, the outfield collectively produced impressive offensive numbers, leading the league in batting average and on-base percentage while ranking among the top in slugging percentage and wRC+.

However, the 2023 season saw a notable decline in the Mets’ outfield production. While Nimmo maintained his consistency, Marte and Canha struggled to replicate their 2022 performances, resulting in a drop-off in offensive output. Marte’s regression, in particular, was significant, impacting the team’s overall performance.

In 2024, the outlook for the Mets’ outfield depends largely on their defensive capabilities. While the offensive potential may not match that of previous seasons, the addition of defensive-minded players like Harrison Bader and Tyrone Taylor indicates a shift in focus towards solidifying the outfield defense.

Bader’s elite defensive skills make him a valuable asset in center field, while Taylor’s defensive contributions add further depth to the outfield. With Nimmo’s consistent production and the potential for Marte to bounce back, there is optimism for an improved outfield performance.

Ultimately, the Mets’ outfield success in 2024 hinges on Marte’s ability to return to form and the defensive contributions of Bader and Taylor. If these factors align positively, the Mets could field one of the league’s top outfields once again, or at least significantly improve upon their 2023 performance.

Can the Mets’ Outfield Be Among the Best in Baseball Again?

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