June 19, 2024

Amidst the need for a starting defensive end, the 49ers are considering acquiring Khalil Mack, who is currently available. According to reports from The Athletic’s Dianna Russini, the Chargers are open to trading Mack, with some speculation that they may even release him due to salary cap constraints. Mack’s hefty $38.5 million cap hit for the upcoming season has put the Chargers, who are over $20 million above the cap, in a tight spot. Consequently, they may need to part ways with him before the new league year begins.

The 49ers have emerged as potential suitors for Mack, although they are not considered the frontrunners in the race. BetUS odds favor the Lions at +200 to acquire Mack, while the 49ers are seen as dark horses with odds of +2500.

The 49ers have a history of interest in Khalil Mack, dating back to their attempted trade for him in 2018, when they believed they had submitted the best offer. However, the Raiders opted to trade Mack to the Bears instead, a move perceived by some as a slight to the 49ers, possibly due to their status as cross-bay rivals at the time when the Raiders were based in Oakland.

Despite Mack’s age of 33, he remains a formidable player, as evidenced by his impressive 17 sacks in the previous season. The prospect of Mack potentially joining the Lions, a scenario that could elevate them above the 49ers as the NFC’s top team, adds intrigue to the situation.

While it may not be expected for the 49ers to actively pursue a trade for Mack, should the Chargers release him, a move that seems increasingly likely due to salary cap constraints, it wouldn’t be surprising if the 49ers express interest in signing him.

Will the 49ers Trade for Khalil Mack?

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