June 13, 2024

Michigan Football has solidified its coaching staff with the announcement of four defensive hires, confirming rumors that have circulated for some time. In an official statement released on Friday afternoon, the Michigan program revealed the additions of Wink Martindale as defensive coordinator, Greg Scruggs as defensive line coach, Brian Jean-Mary as linebackers coach and run game coordinator, and LaMar Morgan as defensive backs coach and pass game coordinator. Additionally, the team has brought on former defensive back Brad Hawkins as a graduate assistant coach.

Moore expressed his enthusiasm for each of the new hires in the press release, highlighting their individual strengths and contributions to the Michigan program.

Regarding Wink Martindale, Moore emphasized his extensive coaching experience and track record of success, noting his ability to mentor and develop top-tier defensive players and coaches. Martindale’s expertise and knowledge are expected to elevate the performance of Michigan’s players on the field, bringing invaluable insight to the team.

In the case of Greg Scruggs, Moore spoke highly of their prior connection from their time together at Louisville. He praised Scruggs’ dedication and passion for the game, recognizing him as a capable leader and teacher. Moore believes that Scruggs will serve as an exceptional mentor, particularly for the defensive line players, aiding them in reaching their full potential and achieving success on the field.

Moore also shared his thoughts on Brian Jean-Mary, highlighting their longstanding professional relationship across multiple coaching stops. He praised Jean-Mary as an exceptional coach and communicator, citing his strong recruiting abilities and knack for player development. Moore expressed excitement about Jean-Mary leading the linebacking corps, confident that his familiarity with the program and university will result in an immediate and significant impact on the team.

Turning to LaMar Morgan, Moore spoke highly of their interactions during the hiring process. He noted Morgan’s impressive reputation as a defensive backs coach, which was reinforced by recommendations from others in the coaching community. Moore emphasized Morgan’s excellence as a teacher and communicator, as well as his genuine passion for football and player development. He expressed enthusiasm about Morgan’s role in mentoring the defensive secondary and coordinating the passing game.

Overall, Moore conveyed optimism about the contributions each new hire will bring to the Michigan program. Despite recent coaching transitions, the defensive staff has maintained a high standard, which is expected to continue into the upcoming season. With returning standout players like Mason Graham, Will Johnson, and Kenneth Grant, Michigan’s defensive unit appears poised for continued success.

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