July 25, 2024

The dynamic world of Michigan football saw an eventful turn on Saturday as Karmello English, a former four-star wide receiver recruit from Alabama in the 2023 class, is no longer affiliated with the team. This news, confirmed by Josh Henschke of Rivals, comes as a setback for the program.

Karmello English contributed to six games for the Wolverines last season, securing one catch for four yards and scoring a touchdown against Indiana. While it’s unclear whether he entered the transfer portal or faced another situation, his departure signifies a significant loss for Michigan football.

At 5-foot-11 and 190 pounds, English was anticipated to take on a more prominent role this season, especially with players like Roman Wilson and Cornelius Johnson moving on to the NFL. Although Semaj Morgan, Tyler Morris, and Frederick Moore are prominent figures on the depth chart, English was expected to be among them.

The wide receiver position, aside from quarterback, is where Michigan football could benefit from a transfer addition. While there are capable players on the current roster, finding a veteran with the size and skills, akin to Johnson at 6-foot-3, is challenging during the spring transfer period.

Although English wasn’t guaranteed a starting spot, his absence from the mix is disappointing. Speculation suggests he may end up back in the SEC region, playing for a different college football team.

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