June 21, 2024

The Seattle Seahawks will feature new inside linebackers in the upcoming 2024 season, both signed to one-year contracts.

As mentioned earlier, Jerome Baker, a former starter for the Miami Dolphins, has a Seahawks cap hit of $6.77 million, which could increase to $7 million if he plays in every regular-season game. On the other hand, Tyrel Dodson, previously with the Buffalo Bills, has a slightly different contract structure.

According to OverTheCap.com, Dodson’s one-year deal is valued at $4.26 million, including a $1 million signing bonus. He also receives a per-game roster bonus of $760,000 and an additional $250,000 workout bonus for participating in offseason workouts. The significant distinction lies in Dodson’s non-guaranteed base salary of $2.25 million, whereas Baker’s base salary of $2,022,500 is fully guaranteed. This difference is understandable given Dodson’s previous experience filling in as a starter last season, compared to Baker’s extensive 93 career starts, but it remains noteworthy.

Dodson’s cap charge is precisely $4.26 million, making his contract straightforward. In the event that Dodson doesn’t meet expectations in Seattle, the Seahawks could recover $3.26 million by parting ways with him. Conversely, Baker is a crucial component of Seattle’s plans, evident from his $4 million signing bonus and fully guaranteed salary.

The impact of Tyrel Dodson’s contract on the Seahawks’ 2025 compensatory picks has not been determined yet. If Dodson’s contract does cancel out a compensatory pick for Seattle, they would potentially have two additional picks in the next NFL Draft.

On another note, cornerback Artie Burns signed a contract for the veteran’s minimum of $1,210,000, adjusted based on the number of accrued seasons. This means he is essentially competing for a roster spot, similar to his previous experiences with the Seahawks.

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