June 24, 2024

When it was announced on March 14 that Adam Duvall would be returning to the Braves for his third time, it brought immense joy to many fans, especially one particular mascot.

Blooper, known as one of the highlights of the Atlanta Braves experience, had been missing his partner in crime in 2023.

Blooper’s excitement for the return of Adam Duvall’s son, Stone, goes beyond the typical fan enthusiasm for a player’s on-field contributions. While many fans were eager for Duvall’s return due to his batting prowess and defensive skills, Blooper’s joy stems from the rekindling of his friendship with Stone.

For those unfamiliar with their bond, it might seem unusual for a team mascot to be excited about a player’s family reunion. However, those familiar with the story understand why Blooper and the Duvall family are equally thrilled about this development.

During Adam Duvall’s previous stint with the Braves, his son Stone developed a close friendship with the team’s mascot. Despite Stone’s shyness, he felt comfortable and open around Blooper, forming a special connection that brings joy to both the Duvall family and the Braves’ beloved mascot.

Got it! Blooper, the Atlanta Braves mascot, developed a noteworthy friendship with Adam Duvall’s son, Stone, during the 2021 postseason run, garnering attention on Fox 5. Adam Duvall mentioned that he believes Stone loves the mascot more than him. When Duvall left the Braves after the 2022 season for the Red Sox, Blooper expressed heartbreak, noting that “it only hurts because it was real.”

Got it! Blooper and Adam Duvall’s son, Stone, have a notable friendship, and they managed a meet-up during the season even when the Red Sox weren’t in town last season. When the Braves announced they had signed Adam Duvall for the 2024 season, Blooper expressed excitement about the slugger’s return, proclaiming “THE BOYS ARE BACK.”

That’s a heartwarming story indeed. Adam Duvall’s reunion with the Braves also signifies a special reunion between Stone and Blooper, which has captured the attention and excitement of fans and sports personalities like Jared Carrabis. Duvall’s Spring debut included a mention of Stone asking for pictures of Blooper, highlighting the close bond between the mascot and the player’s son. It’s moments like these that remind us of the deeper connections and joys that baseball brings, beyond just the game itself.

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