June 24, 2024

Huard discusses potential Seattle Seahawks draft prospect Theo Johnson, describing him as a 6-foot-6, 260-pound tight end from Penn State University. Known for producing quality tight ends, Penn State players often enter the NFL well-prepared and skilled. Johnson’s imposing physique caught Huard’s attention during a FOX broadcast, noting him as a standout player with all the attributes of an NFL tight end.

Despite Penn State’s average quarterback play, Johnson has excelled, showcasing his athleticism with impressive physical measurements such as a 4.57-second 40-yard dash and nearly 40-inch vertical jump at the combine. As a five-star recruit in high school, he was highly sought after by college programs across the country. Despite the lack of prolific numbers due to the team’s quarterback situation, Johnson has consistently performed well.

“I’m also impressed by Theo Johnson’s short shuttle performance, which measures short-area quickness. He completed it in 4.19 seconds, a time typically associated with wide receivers rather than big tight ends.”

“Looking beyond just his talent, Penn State’s program, under head coach James Franklin and his assistants, has a reputation for allowing scouts to get to know their prospects well. When discussing Penn State players with teammates, the question arose: ‘Who are the vocal leaders on the team?’ Without hesitation, Theo Johnson’s name came up. It’s noteworthy because it’s uncommon for a tight end to assume such a leadership role on a team. Typically, it’s quarterbacks, dynamic running backs, or centers who take on that role, not tight ends. This aspect of Johnson’s character stands out to me.”

“If you’re looking for a comparison for Johnson, consider Noah Fant. While I haven’t seen Johnson extensively like some other prospects, he possesses similar traits and leadership qualities. Like Fant, who was drafted in the first round out of Iowa, Johnson has exceptional traits and could potentially fill a position of need for the Seahawks. While Fant was a first-round pick, Johnson may go in the mid-rounds, but his unique traits, particularly his speed, make him an intriguing prospect.”

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