June 19, 2024

Brad Scott commends Zach Merrett’s exceptional performance and leadership as captain of Essendon. Merrett, continuing his impressive form from last season’s All Australian campaign, has been instrumental in the team’s success during the initial three rounds of the 2024 season.

With an average of 31 disposals and six clearances per game, Merrett’s contributions have not gone unnoticed by Scott, who highlights their strong rapport both on and off the field. Despite Scott’s extensive experience with elite players in the AFL, he acknowledges Merrett’s dedication to improvement as on par with the best in the league.

Scott praises Zach Merrett’s unparalleled drive and professionalism, highlighting how Merrett’s commitment makes his coaching role easier by setting high standards for the team. Merrett’s constant quest for improvement challenges Scott in a positive way, contributing to their effective partnership as captain and coach.

Scott emphasizes the importance of mutual challenge and accountability between them, recognizing Merrett’s exceptional leadership despite being only in his second year as captain.

The midfield unit, led by Merrett, has been a standout for Essendon in the early stages of the season, leading the league in both center bounce and overall clearance differentials.

As the team prepares to face Port Adelaide, the potential return of midfielder Will Setterfield adds to the optimism. Scott acknowledges the significant improvement in the team’s contested game, crediting the hard work put in by his assistant coaches.

Scott commends the outstanding work of midfield coaches Brent Stanton and Daniel Giansiracusa in enhancing the team’s contested ball skills, attributing their success to the players’ dedication during the offseason.

He emphasizes the importance of effort and intent beyond mere statistical metrics, underscoring the ongoing need for improvement in this aspect of the game. Scott stresses the significance of the contest area in football, highlighting it as a fundamental focus for the team’s development.

Reflecting on past matchups with Port Adelaide, Scott anticipates another closely contested game, reminiscent of the tight encounters from the previous season.

He expresses respect for Port Adelaide as a club and acknowledges the challenges they pose. With the upcoming Friday night fixture in Adelaide, Scott believes it will be a valuable test for Essendon, one that they are eager to embrace.


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