June 21, 2024

A 22-year-old individual from northern Adelaide breached security during Adelaide’s AFL match against Geelong on March 22.

Appearing to record the incident on his mobile phone, he not only entered the field but also ran directly into the action as players contested for the ball.

After play was halted by an umpire, the man was briefly apprehended by Adelaide midfielder Matt Crouch before breaking free. He was then subdued by the Crows’ Ben Keays before security intervened.

The AFL announced on Wednesday that the individual has been permanently banned from attending AFL and AFLW matches at any venue.

“Entering the field during a match is not only reckless but also poses a safety risk and violates the law,” stated Stephen Meade, the AFL’s general counsel.

The man was arrested on the night and granted bail, with a court appearance scheduled for June 19 at the Adelaide Magistrates Court. Breaching South Australia’s Recreation Grounds Regulations carries a maximum fine of $5000.

The AFL mentioned that the individual, who was not affiliated with any club or an AFL member, could request a review of the ban after a five-year period.

Both Adelaide and Geelong coaches condemned the “dangerous” intrusion, with Geelong’s Chris Scott referencing a notorious 1982 incident involving Australian Test cricketer Terry Alderman. Adelaide’s Matthew Nicks expressed concern for the safety of the two Crows players, Crouch and Keays, who intervened.

The AFL has given a lifetime ban from attending games to a man who ran on to Adelaide Oval during a Crows-Geelong clash in March. Photo: Matt Turner/AAP

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