June 24, 2024

After securing back-to-back wins earlier in the week and winning four of their last five games, the Pittsburgh Penguins, whose season appeared to be fading away, have suddenly found themselves back in contention late in the season. Currently, they trail the Washington Capitals by three points for the final wild card spot and are four points behind the Philadelphia Flyers for the third spot in the Metropolitan Division.

However, there’s a lingering question: Is this resurgence too little, too late for a Penguins team that has struggled throughout the season? Frank Seravalli and Tyler Yaremchuk discussed the Penguins’ playoff prospects on Daily Faceoff Live.

Seravalli noted that the Penguins’ recent victories, including a strong performance against the New Jersey Devils, have put them back in the playoff hunt. While their chances still seem slim, there’s a sense of optimism given their recent form, despite the inconsistent play seen earlier in the season.

Yaremchuk highlighted the Penguins’ favorable position compared to the Philadelphia Flyers, as they are four points behind with a game in hand and currently hold the tiebreaker. However, he also pointed out that the Penguins face a tough schedule ahead, with the majority of their remaining games against playoff-bound teams.

Seravalli emphasized that facing tougher opponents might actually benefit the Penguins, as it could push them to elevate their game when it matters most. He cautioned against underestimating the significance of playing against playoff-caliber teams, suggesting that it could serve as a motivating factor for the Penguins to secure crucial victories down the stretch.

In summary, while the Penguins’ playoff chances remain slim, their recent resurgence has sparked hope among fans and analysts alike, leading to discussions about the team’s potential to secure a postseason berth despite their earlier struggles.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are figuring things out, but is it too little, too late?

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