June 25, 2024

As the NFL Draft approaches in precisely three weeks, the Minnesota Vikings are diligently researching a wide array of potential draft prospects who could potentially join the team in purple and gold by the end of the first round. Following Kirk Cousins’ departure and the signing of Sam Darnold to a one-year deal, it has become widely believed that the Vikings will utilize their two first-round draft picks (No. 11 and No. 23) to maneuver a trade up and secure their quarterback of the future.

Patriots NFL Mock Draft 3.0: New England Takes Jayden Daniels, Makes 3  Trades

Several names have emerged in connection with the Minnesota Vikings, with prominent mentions including JJ McCarthy from Michigan, Drake Maye from UNC, Jayden Daniels from LSU, and Michael Penix Jr from Washington. The Vikings have already conducted private workouts with both McCarthy and Penix, and reportedly have one scheduled with Maye as well.

However, there has been relatively less discussion regarding Daniels. Despite initial anticipation for a meeting between Daniels and the Vikings following his pro day, this encounter was abruptly canceled. As of now, over a week later, Jayden has not had any meetings with individuals from the Vikings organization since the NFL combine.

During the weekend, the entire staff was in Seattle, engaging in discussions with Penix Jr. As per insider Darren Wolfson from SKOR North, the Vikings are aiming to gain a deeper understanding of Daniels before the draft day. However, scheduling a convenient time for this has presented challenges.

The potential meeting between Jaden Daniels, the LSU quarterback, and Kevin O’Connell is still in the works before the draft. Currently, there’s nothing scheduled, but efforts are ongoing to arrange a connection between them. The Vikings are keen on spending time with Jaden, particularly Kevin, and Jaden’s camp is also working to accommodate this. However, Jaden has other visits lined up, so navigating the scheduling is a bit complex with just three weeks remaining until the draft.

The situation regarding a potential workout between Jayden Daniels and the Minnesota Vikings seems to be mired in uncertainty, stemming from differing perspectives between the Vikings and Daniels’ camp. While the Vikings express keen interest in connecting with Daniels and conducting thorough evaluations, Daniels’ camp appears to question the necessity of additional meetings, especially considering their client’s potential draft destinations.

The Vikings are endeavoring to persuade Daniels’ camp of their genuine interest and the possibility of landing him in the draft. However, there seems to be hesitation on Daniels’ end, perhaps influenced by the belief that he could be selected as high as the second overall pick by Washington or at the third spot by New England. In light of this, Daniels’ camp may be inclined to prioritize interactions with these teams over additional meetings with the Vikings.

This dynamic raises doubts about the Vikings’ intentions regarding a potential trade-up to secure Daniels in the draft. While discussions continue between the two parties, the reluctance from Daniels’ camp to commit to a meeting with the Vikings suggests that securing his services may be more challenging than initially anticipated for the team.

This uncertainty poses a significant challenge for Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell, who relies on private workouts to make crucial decisions about drafting a quarterback to lead the team. Without the opportunity for such an evaluation, the Vikings’ pursuit of Daniels may face obstacles.

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