June 13, 2024

It’s common knowledge that the Philadelphia Phillies boast a formidable lineup, featuring renowned names like Bryce Harper, Trea Turner, and Kyle Schwarber, capable of generating runs when firing on all cylinders.

Nevertheless, fluctuations in performance are inevitable, particularly when star players experience downturns. In such instances, the onus falls on supporting players to elevate their game and contribute meaningfully.

One such player poised to seize the opportunity in 2024 is third baseman Alec Bohm.

The team’s first-round pick in 2018 showcased a commendable performance at the plate in the preceding season, laying the groundwork for a potentially breakout year ahead.

The improvements seen last season and this spring suggest that the third baseman still has room to grow.

His decreasing strikeout rate annually since 2021, with last season’s well-below-league-average 15.4 percent, indicates a better grasp of the strike zone and increased contact ability as he matures.
Turning 28 in August, he’s entering his prime years, with recent seasons showing a rise in power and run production, possibly indicating an improved ability to drive the ball.

With Rhys Hoskins leaving this offseason, the Phillies will need to fill the void in home runs, and Bohm could play a crucial role in that, potentially bridging the gap in the lineup with a strong power season.

Home runs won’t be the sole measure of success for the Phillies’ third baseman. While this lineup is capable of hitting homers, the team aims to enhance putting the ball in play, making contact, and reducing chase rates, as announced at the end of the previous season. Bohm has shown an uptick in his contact rate over the past two seasons.
While he may not reach the superstar status of some teammates, his contributions can significantly impact the club’s success. Continuing to enhance his power and maintaining strong contact skills could make him a pivotal asset for the lineup in 2024.

This aligns with the Phillies’ initial expectations when they drafted him, and a standout season would bolster the team’s chances for another deep postseason run.

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