July 25, 2024

The New York Knicks are facing crucial decisions this offseason, particularly concerning the potential extension of standout player OG Anunoby. Reports indicate that Anunoby was not entirely satisfied with the Knicks’ initial long-term contract offer, suggesting that negotiations could be prolonged. Anunoby, valued for his defensive skills and underrated scoring, is aiming to maximize his worth in free agency.

**Knicks Face Key Offseason Decisions**

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Anunoby’s season ended prematurely due to a hamstring injury during a game against the Pacers, significantly affecting the team’s playoff prospects. If negotiations with Anunoby stall and he explores other opportunities, the Knicks might consider pivoting to Kelly Oubre, a free agent from the Philadelphia 76ers. While Oubre represents a step down in overall impact, he remains a viable alternative.

“The Philadelphia 76ers will be looking to make big moves this offseason, providing the Knicks a chance to acquire some talent that troubled them in the first round of this year’s playoffs. Oubre is a dynamic playmaker and finisher who would add necessary depth on the wing,” wrote SNY contributor David Vertsberger.

**Evaluating Kelly Oubre’s Performance**

In the past season with the 76ers, Oubre started 52 of the 68 games he played, averaging 15.4 points, five rebounds, 1.5 assists, and 1.1 steals per game. His field goal percentage was .441, although his three-point shooting was a concern at .311.

Defensively, Oubre had a rating of 114.2, while his peak performance in his rookie season had a more impressive 105.9. While not on Anunoby’s level, Oubre’s affordability and decent track record could make him an appealing option for the Knicks.

**Financial Implications and Strategic Choices**

The financial difference between Anunoby and Oubre is significant; Anunoby is expected to command at least $35 million per season, while Oubre would cost considerably less. This price difference could allow the Knicks greater flexibility in free agency to strengthen their roster with additional support players. However, replacing Anunoby’s overall value and impact would be challenging.

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As the Knicks continue discussions with Anunoby’s representatives, the small forward appears ready to test the free agency market to potentially increase his price.

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