July 25, 2024

The Seattle Seahawks may make a surprising move to trade for star quarterback Dak Prescott this offseason. A report suggests that the Seahawks are a logical destination for Prescott if Geno Smith fails to meet expectations this season. Smith’s performance has declined recently, with 658 fewer yards and 10 fewer touchdowns, but he still has a chance to improve as he enters his third consecutive season as the Seahawks’ starter.

The Dallas Cowboys don’t seem to be in a hurry to extend Prescott’s contract, focusing instead on signing players at a bargain. This trend is evident as they have yet to extend their top pass-catcher, CeeDee Lamb. If Prescott leaves Dallas, other potential destinations could include the Giants, Steelers, Saints, and Titans, though these teams mostly already have reliable starting quarterbacks. However, the NFL landscape can change quickly.

Dak Prescott's perfect performance is actually a trend

Prescott is in the final year of his $160 million contract, and his future with the Cowboys is uncertain. There have been no extension negotiations, which could prompt Prescott to leave. The Cowboys might trade Prescott to get value if he doesn’t accept their offer. Prescott isn’t seeking a massive deal, just a fair contract to stay with the team.

Dallas has been hesitant to extend Prescott, likely due to their lack of playoff success in recent years. While the Cowboys perform well in the regular season, they often falter in the postseason. The longer Dallas waits, the more likely Prescott is to sign a lucrative deal with a quarterback-needy team.

Seahawks May Shockingly Trade for Star Quarterback Dak Prescott

Potential Trade Destinations:

New Orleans Saints:
There were rumors this offseason about a potential trade of Prescott for Derek Carr. This might align with Dallas’s strategy of acquiring players at a bargain. If the Cowboys decide to rebuild, trading Prescott could be a viable option. However, both parties remain optimistic about reaching an extension.

Carolina Panthers:
Although unlikely, the Panthers could consider trading for Prescott if Bryce Young doesn’t show improvement. The Panthers are bolstering their roster with high-level weapons like Diontae Johnson. If they aim for a quicker Super Bowl run, Prescott could be a strategic acquisition.

Baltimore Ravens:
Lamar Jackson is expected to be the Ravens’ starter for the foreseeable future, but trading for Prescott could create healthy competition. Jackson has a history of injuries, and Prescott could serve as a reliable backup. Although Jackson is a two-time MVP, having Prescott as a backup could be beneficial if Jackson faces any setbacks.

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In conclusion, the Seahawks, Saints, Panthers, and Ravens are all potential landing spots for Dak Prescott, depending on various factors and team strategies in the upcoming season.

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